Hope in the Morning

(in french with English subtitles)

Movie feature length (116'), or middel length (60') or short (30' or 34') with Robert Castel, Simone Langlois and 4 youths (15 to 17), with Sandy (15). Productions Forever, domaine de Montagnac, 30760 St Christol de Rodières (France) - tél/fax - e-mail : mailto:lucas.said@free.fr.

The story : One evening, the young Alexis (14 years) is extorted money, in the street, by three older boys, but thanks to his astuteness he succeeds to get out of that. Thereafter, he undertakes to put these youths on the right way again, in a very convincing way, by taking the time and the (original) means which are necessary; incidentally, in a very strong sequence, he succeeds in dissuading the best of them, Brieuc, from committing suicide… and convinces him to sing with him in the cathedral! He is helped by his aunt Mireille (Simone Langlois) with whom he lives, and by Pierre, philosopher living as a hermit (Robert Castel). When Alexis sings " Corn Grain " in the cathedral, with an emotion hardly contained, it is because he knows that it is his story.

This movie also shows to the young people (and to the others), not without humour, that there is an alternative to delinquency, terrorism, suicide.

 Alexis is the friend of whom dream many youths… and the child of whom dream many parents. His message of hope comes at the right moment in a world that needs it strikingly. To discover absolutely!

PHOTOS (from the movie)

~ principal actors : from left to right : Simone Langlois, Sandy, Robert Castel : acteurs principaux

~ the 3 other youths : autres acteurs

~ the 6 actors : 6 acteurs

~ Sandy (Alexis) : Alexis

~ Geoffrey Lascombe (Brieuc) : Brieuc

~ Scene in exterior (Robert Castel, Sandy, Simone Langlois) : Montagnac

~ duo in the cathedral (Geoffrey, Sandy) : chant duo

~ scene in the bedroom : chambre

~ director and principal actors : équipe

NB : a part (65') of this movie is the 3th part of the great film "TEENAGERS" ; see more on sur : http://www.foreverprod.net/index.htm.