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For the Eternity

Wednesday - Airport of Marseilles-Marignane. The young Lucas awaits with anguish the arrival of the plane of North Africa, which brings an unknown child, Saïd, 14 years, to him, charged by extremists to execute him with Saturday morning, and with who he has to live meanwhile.

Lucas, who kept a mentality of a child, was always rejected by the world of the adults, despite all his efforts; on the other hand, he got along very well with young people (photos). Following an action of defense of his fellow-citizens, (where he had all the same saved the life of several hundreds of people!), his health constrained him to change area, and he lived there in a total loneliness.

Wanting to communicate his experiment lived formerly with young people, he composed and recorded songs mentioning the problems of the adolescents. In one of the songs, explaining why we are on Earth, he had written that the objective of our life was not "to slice the throat of innocent", what displeased to the extremists, and he was condemned to death. Lucas, not having money to flee from hotel in hotel, made an agreement with them: he would accept that he is executed provided that it is a child of their organization who takes care of it, and that he can pass 2 days of holidays with him.

When Lucas and Saïd meet at the airport, it does not occur at all as envisaged. Saïd realizes quickly that Lucas is not the abominable enemy of Islam described to him, and Lucas notes that Saïd is not a sanguinary killer, but a child having always missed affection, and who, in absence of being loved, wanted to be feared, from where his entry among extremists. In spite of a sharp reciprocal sympathy that settles from the start, in the cafeteria of the airport where they make acquaintance eating some pastry, they realize that Saïd would have nevertheless to fulfill his mission, under penalty of dead against him and his family. That does not prevent that until Saturday they can profit each of the other, and a little "play tourists" in this area, unknown by Saïd; a complicity, not deprived of humour in spite of the situation, links them soon. They start visiting the island of the Friuli in the bay of Marseilles. During this visit, Saïd tests the affection of Lucas and makes him undergo several tests; Lucas accepts the pain and some required humiliation, what cements their friendship and deepens it. They live consequently in a world "with them", as when Lucas carries Saïd, who has foothache, and when Saïd profits from that to nibble him the shoulder... Lucas considers the young Saïd as the "big" brother whom he had always dreamed to have, and he obeys to him with joy.

After having made some purchases in Marseilles, for Saïd, who is delighted, they get to the house of Lucas in Ardeche, insulated, whose large wooded ground subjugates Saïd. They listen to the song which earned Lucas his sentence, discussing abundantly about it (in particular about the sense of life), and also another song evoking a meeting similar to their. Then they look at a film of science-fiction on the TV. At the end of the evening, Saïd, which cannot do without Lucas, refuses to be separated from him during the night. If the friendship of Lucas remains platonic, Saïd feels certain specific needs to its age and claims from Lucas a last proof of affection, that Lucas does not dare to refuse for he already lived a similar situation, where his lack of comprehension had caused the suicide of a young person, under atrocious conditions (photos); he accepts with humour, without dramatizing (scene not filmed : it is not a X film...).

Thursday - In the rising, Lucas and Saïd make a walk of 3 km in the ground of Lucas; Saïd puts Lucas at the challenge to do that without clothes, in spite of the icy mistral of March. Result: with the return, Lucas has only 34; seeing that there is hot water only enough for one bath, they take it together, what makes it possible Saïd to be mothered for the first time of his life: to wash the feet, to wipe, dress, and comb the hair. Then they decide no more to think of what will occur Saturday and to visit the region, starting with... a hypermarket. They visit the Pont du Gard, and then Tarascon where Saïd, although Moslem agrees to pray for his "brother" Lucas in front of the tomb of Holy Marthe.

They visit Avignon; they play "rich person" by treating themselves to some ices at a terrace of the Clock's Place. At the beginning of the evening, they pass to a perched village of Ardeche where they treat themselves to the restaurant, with a spirit and a warm complicity that illuminates the dialogues.

At the evening of same Thursday, returned at home, they listen to a song of Lucas on a battered child, what leads them to discuss facts of society (suicide, maltreating, AIDS). The evening finishes by viewing " Batman " in video surround, what delights Saïd.

Friday - As a ritual, the day starts with the walk in the wood, and the joint bath. The morning is after that devoted to visit the town of Nimes. In this last day of the life of Lucas, their affection reaches his apogee, like one person being; that results in particular in Saïd who has much fun to be still carried on Lucas's back and clings by the teeth to the shoulder of Lucas. In the afternoon, they go to the beach, to seek shells, like children. They rest on the trough of a dune where Lucas wants to benefit last once from the sun. On the return way, they stop on the motorway and treaten themselves to a meal in the restaurant, passing a last good moment together.

Back home, Lucas and Saïd, sick at heart, are constrained to repeat the horrible gestures of the execution of Lucas, envisaged the following morning, in order to prepare themselves to that. Then they look at the film " the Neverending Story", whose heroes like much to them, and they hope to have their courage. Saïd, stressed, is not being able to fall asleep; Lucas, with all his affection, masses the back and the face of Saïd to relax him.

Saturday - The day starts with the usual ritual, the walk and the bath, with efforts not to let themselves go. At the approach of the fixed hour, both go a moment outside, on the balancelle, where Saïd takes Lucas in his arms, as if he were his child. At the envisaged hour, confronted with the reality of the knife, Saïd breaks down in tears; he plans to flee and hide with Lucas, but that would mean the execution of all his family, and it is not possible. Since there is no place for another solution, we then attend the beginning of the execution of Lucas (the remainder is not filmed). After the death of Lucas, Saïd has a crisis of despair and thinks to kill himself with the same knife. But his child heart do'nt resist to the sorrow and he is victime of a heart failure. Lucas and Saïd leave then together this world for which they were not made.

In Heaven, they are accomodated by children and Dominique, that Saïd takes initially for God. Dominique informs them that they will have to fulfill a mission of first importance on Earth, to young people in distress. With all these young people for who they are now available, the dream of the song " a Million of Brothers " is more than carried out. In a final conversation, Saïd and Lucas discover that they have now other reasons to like each another, eternal reasons.

Then, they leave to attend to a young person who thinks to commit suicide: it's the beginning of their mission...

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